Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last Summer's Harvest

Aren't they gorgeous? These were the few tomatoes I picked from my vege. garden last year. We did not have a perfect Summer in '08, so I am hoping this year would be a better one. We ate them fresh like you'd fresh fruit. I am hoping to get my vege. garden started sooner this time. I know most avid gardeners have already sewed and planted their vegetables.
This Summer, I am going to plant some heirloom tomatoes. Stay tuned.

It was in mid July, the tomatoes still unripe.

A little ripe here.

The green beans...sigh...were gobbled up by deers. They appeared out of nowhere in our neighborhood. They ate most of the pea shoots in my garden. At the same time, they ate up my neighbors' rose buds. ever lush lemon sage. I planted this sage in the garden along with three different types of thyme. I used most of the thyme for stews and braised dishes. These sage leaves have a very fragrant lemony scent but I have not used them any of the dishes. Perhaps on pork chops?

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msmeanie said...

Beautiful tomatoes. Hopefully this summer will be as fruitful! Thanks for visiting my blog. I think yellow split peas are the same as chana dal, so make yourself some burfi!